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Vines and vintages from the past supply the cuvees "Saga".

Through them, generations of the Tarlant family tell their story, our hillside in the Marne valley is revealed. From one vintage to another, Saga weaves the fabric of a story, which is in turn contemplative and evanescent, intriguing and heart-stopping, pantheistic and surreal.

Suspended in their own time warp, taking root in the coolness of our wine library, a few rare bottles escape to unveil their perfumes of luxuriant flowers.


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1976 : "Physiological activity was very high, without the vines suffering and the speed at which ripening progressed from the beginning of August caught most of the holidaying vignerons by surprise, and forced them to hurry back to prepare for the harvest. This was extremely early, with only 84 days separating flowering from the beginning of the harvest. This can only happen in an exceptionally dry year with very high temperatures both by day and night. In general, the crops were very ripe, which gave high levels of potential alcohol. The grapes were in perfect health, Low acidity. The wines were well structured, very vinous and supple."

From the book "Un siècle de vendanges en Champagne" (A century of Champagne vintages). Editions D. Fradet




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