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Champagne Tarlant, 51480 Oeuilly / Epernay FRANCE
Telephone: 00 333 26 58 30 60 - Fax: 00 333 26 58 37 31 - E-Mail:




Champagne Tarlant - All the cuvees
Champagne brut, champagne rosé, champagne vintage, vinified in oak barrels or not, with or without dosage. Read all about the Tarlant collection of champagnes... Read more
Champagne Tarlant, champagne makers since 1687
Pierre Tarlant began cultivating vineyards. He was the first winegrower,... Read more
Present generations
Jean-Mary Tarlant has succeeded in positioning the House of Tarlant amongst the famous Houses of Champagne both in France and worldwide... Read more
Champagne Tarlant terroir
Introduction to the terroir, soils and climate, and also to the vine growing methods in the respect of the environnement... Read more
Champagne making at Tarlant
Presses, vinification as per terroir, oak barrels, blending, ageing, riddling and manual disgorging... Read more
Champagne cuvees data sheet and specification
Cuvee Louis : Vinified and aged in oak barrels
La Vigne d'Antan : ungrafted vine of chardonnay, champagne extra-brut
La Vigne d'Or : champagne vinifiied in oak barrel, exceptionnel terroir
Champagne Vintage Prestige : elegant and delicate
Champagne Rosé Vintage Prestige : blended rosé, onctuous fruity and delicacy in the palate
Champagne Zero : without dosage (no sugar added), natural, sentimental and open Champagne
Champagne Rosé Zero : without dosage (no sugar added)
Champagne Brut Tradition : strong gastronomic champagne
Champagne Brut Reserve : also available as champagne demi-sec
Champagne Rosé Brut : champagne with a true personnality
Visit Tarlant
Oeuilly, where is Tarlant's family domain, is right in the middle of the Marne Valley vineyards, on the banks of the Marne river, not very far from Epernay... Read more
Wine touring
From Oeuilly, you can tour and visit some of the major places of the history of Champagne or simply enjoy the nature and the vineyard scenery of the Marne Valley... Read more
Access Map
The Tarlant House is located in the Marne Valley, at the top end of the village of Oeuilly... Read more
Contact Champagne Tarlant
Addresses contact form... Read more
Press Reviews
What the press says on our champagnes... Read more
Champagne Tarlant Photo Library
Vine photos, champagne photos and many more... Read more
Tarlant Ambassadors
Where to find our champagnes... Read more


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